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iPad Tri-Lounge Lap Stand

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iPad case works with all iPads including iPad Air

  • Multiple viewing angles with innovative 3-sided design
  • Inner pockets store device and accessories safely while not in use
  • Supports both portrait and landscape mode
  • Lap Stand designed for maximum comfort and functionality
  • Accomodates all devices under 10"
  • Plush exterior with soft foam core


The Tri-Lounge Lap Stand combines comfort and functionality. The soft exterior provides pillow-like comfort while the foam core delivers maximum protection and stability for your iPad tablet. The Tri-Lounge features a unique 3-sided design that allows multiple viewing angles for your iPad including portrait and landscape modes, and an ergonomically correct typing mode. When your iPad is not in use, the lap stand acts as a protective storage unit for your iPad and accessories, including a built-in stylus loop holder and zipper pockets for headphones and other attachments. The Tri-Lounge lap stand fits iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad 4 with Retina Display.

Multiple viewing angles with innovative 3-sided design

Put your feet up and unwind with the Tri-Lounge Lap Desk. The Tri-Lounge has an innovative 3-sided design that gives you the best viewing angle, in either landscape or portrait mode, making it comfortable to view your iPad anywhere.

Tri-lounge iPad lap stand clear
Tri-lounge iPad lap stand angles
Sturdy, multi-purpose surface

The Tri-Lounge features a plush exterior that makes it comfortable to use, while a soft foam core provides stability. It combines the stability of your work desk with all the comfort of your living room couch. Perfect for family game night, traveling in the car, or sitting on the couch the Tri-Lounge provides a multi-purpose surface you won’t find with other iPad cases.

Tri-lounge iPad lap stand protective storage
Inner pockets store your iPad and accessories safely

The Tri-Lounge offers convenient storage for your iPad when it is not in use and safe from scratches. It also has a zippered pocket perfect for storing ear buds or cords.

Tri-lounge iPad lap stand accessories
Support for both portrait and landscape mode

Our unique design supports portrait and landscape modes for versatile viewing options. Each of the three sides has elastic holders that keep your iPad securely in place.

Tri-lounge iPad lap stand portrait mode
Fabulous case!
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I am so impressed with the uniqueness and versatility of this case.

Great for kids
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I'm so glad I found this! My kids can now easily share the iPad when they are watching a show together. It's great to take in the van and they can pass it or set it in their lap easily. Then the iPad will store in that zipper pouch so I know it won't get damaged when they are done with it. Love the product!

Totally worth it!
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I love my tri-lounge. It has totally been worth the investment. My last ipad case broke with my kids fighting over it during screen time. I found this product and was at first a little afraid of the price. However it has been completely worth it. I don't have to worry about my kids fighting around it. I love to use it while i'm in bed at the end of the day. My last case my arm/hand would get tired while I tried to lay in bed. This is perfect because I can lay it on my lap or on the pillow beside me. I completely recommend the tri-lounge and know you would love it too if you have kids or like to unwind at the end of the day with a book or viewing video.

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I really like this case for the bed or the couch. It is very comfortable and it gets the iPad off your lap. That is one of my favorite features is not having the iPad heat up on my lap. I also like having the different angle options depending on how I am sitting or laying down. The only thing that was bad about the case is you can't just walk around with it, you have to be laying or sitting down for it to be useful. Over all I would recommend this case to anyone!

So Practical
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This little gadget is so useful for so many occasions. While watching tv, i can also multi task and rest it on my lap while surfing my ipad. While laying in bed i can read a book on my ipad and it lays on my chest. and while cooking i place it on the counter for easy to read recipes on my ipad. Love this and recommend it to anyone looking for something that is multi funtional. A+ Domeo!

Love it!
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Stumbled across this product and so glad I purchased it. No more propping my ipad with a pillow, which never worked very well. The only thing I wish it had was a handle for easier carrying.

Looks awesome
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Looks awesome and I'm sure the cover protects it pretty nicely!

Great for any occasion
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I love this, we bought this for my son who has special needs. We take the I pad everywhere with us. He loves the pillow, and I love that you can store it inside protecting it. The only thing I wish is it had was a handle for carrying it. We travel with a lot of things for him and it does make it a little difficult carrying it around.

Great Xmas gift
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I bought this as a last minute Christmas gift for my wife. She absolutely loves it! She spends hours in her favorite reading chair with her iPad, and the Lap Stand has made it so much easier for her to hold and use the iPad. I highly recommend this as a gift to yourself or your significant other. Great product.

Use it almost anywhere
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Use it at a table, use it in a lounge chair, use it in bed, use it lying on the floor, use it curled up in a stuffed chair, even use it while hanging upside down. This item was purchased as a gift and these are some of the ways I have seen it being used. It is quite versatile. Much better than the soft pillow type devices.

Driving a wedge with IPAD and family
star star star star star

Love this! Should have bought one for both of us! There is always a fight over the IPAD wedge stand. It is so useful - it can be used to hold the IPAD in any position and in any environment - on the sofa, in the floor, at a desk, or even in bed. It turned out to be the best Christmas present I have given to my significant other in years!

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