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iPad Recliner Folio

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Works with Apple iPads (Gen 2/3/4)

  • "Bubble protection" interior keeps iPad screen scratch-free while iPad case providing 7 viewing options
  • Soft yet durable exterior materials provides comfortable handling and feel
  • iPad case includes stylus loop holder
  • Auto wake/sleep magnets in iPad case save battery life and allow for quick start-up


The Recliner iPad Folio offers protection and performance in one case. We’ve combined a soft, stain-resistant exterior with a “bubble protection” interior that keeps the iPad screen safe. The tri-fold design provides 7 viewing options in stand mode. The Recliner Folio for iPads includes a sleep magnet and stylus holder and fits iPad 2, Ipad 3 and iPad 4 with Retina Display. The Recliner Mini available for iPad Mini.

Bubble protection interior keeps iPad screen scratch-free while also providing multiple viewing options

The interior bubble liner extends the life of your iPad screen, offering scratch-free protection.

iPad Recliner Folio angles
iPad Recliner Folio exterior
Soft, durable exterior materials provide comfortable handling

The soft exterior is also durable providing comfortable handling with secure protection. The Recliner has a tray holder that makes it easy to install or remove your iPad while at the same time holding it securely.

Seven Viewing Angles

Achieve the perfect view of your iPad with seven versatile angles to choose from, so that you can find the most comfortable perspective for work or play. Magnets within this iPad case keep your iPad secure when not in use and saves your battery with auto awake/sleep capabilities.

iPad Recliner Folio protective interior
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I should have known better. I placed my ipad on the hood of my car while it was parked in the garage. Needless to say, I forgot about it, pulled out of my garage and started driving. I accelerated out of my neighborhood and probably got to around 35 mph when I heard a large THUMP hit my windshield. Oops. I pulled off the side of the road and searched among the litter and mud. There it was-- on the other side of the road! My Domeo case had some serious road burn, but my ipad was in perfect condition. I chose the Domeo Recliner because of its tri-fold design; I didn’t realize how valuable it would be for protecting my ipad too! Thanks, Domeo!

Great case
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I got the Recliner for my birthday and I love it! The materials are great-soft and protective, and it really has a viewing angle for every need, if I'm watching a movie, using it for work, or checking Facebook. Thanks Domeo!

A beauty!
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This case is just perfect for everything so I would reccomend getting this product.

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